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This project aims to make a device to easily cluster networked systems.

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Download Status:
Downloads are available through the files interface provided by SourceForge.net.

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Thank You:
Thank you to Intrinsyc and IBM for their generous donations.

Links added on : 04.22.2002

Current Contributors added on : 03.13.2002

Our current contributors include:

  • Intrinsyc: for donating a CerfCube
  • IBM: for donating Microdrives

How To Contribute added on : 03.13.2002

Now that we have a hardware platform and mass-storage capability, the only thing that we could use for this project would be a 16-port 10/100-megabit switch. The cube only has a 10-megabit ethernet port, however the clustered machines will have 10/100-megabit ethernet ports. OpenMosix requires a good amount of network bandwidth.

If you would like to contribute anything, please contact me. Thanks.

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