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This project aims to make a device to easily cluster networked systems.

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Download Status:
Downloads are available through the files interface provided by SourceForge.net.

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Thank You:
Thank you to Intrinsyc and IBM for their generous donations.

Contacted Manufacturers added on : 03.31.2002

I have contacted D-Link about donating a DSS-16+ Desktop Switch and Linksys about donating an EtherFast II 10/100 16-port Switch.

The Linksys switch has an expansion slot that I think would be large enough to transplant the CerfCube's internals into. The D-Link switch does not have an expansion slot, but it is quite tall and therefore probably has a lot of extra room inside of it.

Needed: 10/100Mbit Switch added on : 03.31.2002

As mentioned below, I am looking for a 10/100Mbit ethernet switch for use in this project. It would be good to have a large one so that the circuit board inside of the CerfCube could be transplanted directly inside the hub. This eliminates the need for an extra physical device to build the cluster. And it would be cool.

See this product as an example of what I am looking for.

So, if you or somebody you know may be able to donate a (preferably Linksys or 3Com, but anything in a large case really) 10/100Mbit 16-port ethernet hub/switch, please contact me. Thank you.

Downloads Available added on : 03.27.2002

Downloads are now available from the downloads page. Parallel Execution Framework 0.1 was released today (March 27).

Client Linux System Created added on : 03.25.2002

A tiny linux system has been created for use as the "worker" machine's linux distribution. It is composed of a heavily-modified ttylinux married to a Linux 2.4.16 kernel with the OpenMosix patch. It seems to boot fine, though I have not built the user-level OpenMosix tools. It will be available for download soon.

Microdrives Received added on : 03.14.2002

The Microdrives donated by IBM just arrived today! Each one is 340 megabytes and they each come in a nice plastic case along with a PCMCIA adapter. Both appear to be in fine shape and work just fine.

Microdrive Donation added on : 03.12.2002

IBM has offered to donate two 340-megabyte Microdrives for use in this project. This will allow me to have more than the standard 16 megabytes of flash memory for two whole linux distributions. Thank you IBM!

CerfCube Received added on : 03.05.2002

The cube has arrived! Everything seems to be in working order, though the documentation is a tad out of date.

CerfCube Donation added on : 03.01.2002

Intrinsyc Software has generously offered to donate a CerfCube for Linux development device to be used as the hardware platform for this project. Thanks!

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